Top Five Birthday Party Cake Ideas For Kids

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Kids’ birthdays are the occasions of joy and laughter. A unique and a delicious cake is an eye candy and tummy pleasure for kids. Choosing a cake for your kids’ Birthday can be a more difficult task than it seems to be. With so many flavors and themes to choose from it can get rather confusing.

Here will have streamlined the task for you picked out the top five cake ideas for your kids birthday.

1-Pizza Cake- Keep everyone surmising with this pizza cake. Here, the base of the pizza is replaced by yellow cake mix and vanilla frost has taken place of cheese. Throw in sliced strawberries to give the look of sliced tomato. This cake takes around 90 minutes to prepare and bake. Kids love pizzas and pastries .Give them look of pizza and taste of a cake.

2-Rainbow Cake- Kids have seen rainbow in their books and sky now serve them a piece of rainbow on their plate. Get the kids to sort out colorful gems on their plates. This cake is easy to bake and colored gems add a delightful sight and diet to kids. Add a bit of clouds and sun in background with vanilla and mango cream

3-Animated Characters Cake- Kids love their virtual characters. Give the shape of super heroes and dolls to bread and cream. For boys, this cake is generally made in super heroes theme and for girls in Barbie or in Fairy’s theme. Special printers which use edible ink can print the kids’ photo of choice on the cake.

4-Volcano Cake- This cake has a “wow”. This cake is quite easy to make. The volcano is made from chocolate and lava is made from orange or red jelly. Kids will certainly be awed after having a look at this cake. Place jubes in a refined way to give the look of rocks and use dark chocolate for cooled lava and soil. Hire Birthday Party Organizer in Ghaziabad.

5-Space ship Birthday Cake-This cake will flatter your kid on their next birthday. A simple cake to make with a lot of room from creativity! Use fondant icing and decorate it with a variety of sweets.

We hope we allayed down your confusion and hope that you throw a memorable bash for you kids next birthday.

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