The procedure to change the last name after marriage

After marriage, a girl can choose to stay with her name or can use the last name of husband. It is not necessary to change the name of the girl after marriage and it will be her decision if she wants to go with the last name of her husband after marriage. If you also want to change your last name after your marriage, you can use the following Court Marriage Procedure for it:

Get the marriage licence first:

When you want to apply for the name change after marriage, first of all, you will need a legal marriage licence for it. The couples can apply for a marriage licence by submitting the photocopy of the marriage certificate and other required documents. You will need to visit marriage bureau to get the marriage licence.

Apply for new social security card:

After getting the marriage certificate, you will need to change the name on social security card. You can visit the website of social security Administration and can get the form to apply for the required changes in your name in the document. After submitting the document, you will need to mail the office of social security administration to receive the new card with changed last name on it.

Required changes to DMV licence:

After getting the social security card with the changed name, you will need to visit DMV Office to apply for a new licence with change the name. You will require marriage certificate coma new social security card and old licence to apply for a new licence.

Change name in a bank account:

You will also need to visit the bank with all required documents to change your last name with the same process.

It will be best if you can get the help from a professional who provide Marriage Registration in Delhi. He can help to follow the complete procedure legally for a name change after marriage.

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