Planning your Five year old’s Birthday Party

Birthdays are fun!! Specially kid’s birthdays mean fun and frolic to the whole family. It is the innocence of the childhood that makes them enjoy even the smallest of things! They do not ask for extravagant parties it is only we parents make such grand arrangements and make them get used to it. Spending time with your kids is the most special gift that you can give them. But birthdays are meant to be extra special. Before deciding a party theme for the kid’s birthday keep in mind the budget that is going to be spent for this.

It is perfectly okay if we are not able to throw a very dashing and expensive party. When we can create a fun filled, creative and unique party the kids will love it! If you do not have time and want to make a huge day for your kid, then you must hire Partysharty Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi.

Let us see some ideas to make such budget friendly parties that kids will be crazy about!!

Dress up like the favorite cartoon character

the kids attending the party can be asked come dressed like their favorite cartoon characters by using eco-friendly materials only, like using straw, paper and leaves. Once they are at the party games involving role play from their stories, quiz from the stories and mime shows can be hosted to make the party an absolute stunner! The cake can be the favorite character of the birthday boy/ girl or even in the shape of their favorite book!

Stuffed animals party

kids can be asked to come dressed like their favorite stuffed toy. Teddy bears, Winnie the pooh, dino, nemo etc. knowing the number of kids attending the party, the kids can be gifted any sort of cute stuffed animal to all of them! But make sure the return gift is same to all in order to avoid tantrums!! Games related to the animals can be played; information about extinct animals like dinosaur can be shared by sharing it in the form of an interesting story.

Art party

turn the little one’s birthday party into an art galore! Supply the kids with art materials and ask them to make or draw a particular theme. You will be amazed at the outcome and the creativity of the young minds!! The art works done by them can simply be framed using DIY frames and handed back to them!

These are few party ideas for the kids that can be awesome and that goes easy on the pocket!!

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