Places To Celebrate Your Kids Birthday In NCR.

Birthdays are important in almost all the cultures. It is the day when every new soul or new guest has enters in the physical world. Especially kids are crazier about their birthdays. They are always eager to know how you are going to celebrate their birthday. You are lucky if you put up in Delhi or NCR. The city has the number of places which act as a Birthday party organisers in Delhi.  Here I’m going to point out a few places where you can plan your kid’s birthday.

Water and Amusement Park

Delhi and NCR are full of water and amusement parks. These parks offer water and amusement rides for all age groups. Kids love to visit such parks. Kids like to enjoy water rides specifically designed for them. Such rides include Uphill water coaster, Bowl rides, Funnel rides etc. These rides are 100% safe and enjoyable for the kids. These parks also have in-house restaurants where you will enjoy a variety of meal. These parks are generally open from 10 am to 7 pm. So your kids will get enjoyment for the whole day.

Delhi Zoological Park

It is the best place if you have kids under the age group of 4 to 6 years. Kids love to see different species of birds, animals and mammals that they have seen in their books. The park opens from morning till evening 6 pm. Moreover it a government property so doesn’t put much burden on your pocket. The park has the facility of battery operated rides. Hence it will be convenient for you and your kids to see the complete park without getting tired. Outside zoological park there is a small artificial lake which provides boating rides.

Theme Park

This is again a full day activity park. Such park offers educational themes for kids like Chocolate factory where you kids their self-make chocolates. Aeronautical structures where kids become a pilot and know how aeroplane flies etc. The theme parks have many such activities like Doctors lab, banking services, Candy making machine etc.

Dinosaur Park

These parks have many big and small dinosaurs made up of silicon. Kids really enjoy seeing these moving creatures. You will also find many carousel rides here. Many in-house restaurants offer to organize your kids birthday.

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