Live With Your Dream Of Cricket With Fantasy Cricket Daily

Indians are crazy about the cricket so much that they live, sleep and dream about it and experience the excitement of cricket with fantasy cricket daily.

The fantasy cricket is the modern way of enjoying cricket with the online gaming option. It is quickly getting a huge popularity among the Indian population as it the best entertainer is the field of online cricket gaming.

We all fantasies about playing for the national cricket team, but the dreams are not fulfilled for everyone but with fantasy cricket, you can complete the dream of creating your own dream team of the best XI players. You can earn points and get rewarded with rewards and even cash prizes. So enjoy the performance of the players on the field and earn from fantasy cricket daily.

Rules of the Game

The rules of fantasy cricket are very simple and easy, you need to select 5 batsmen, 4 bowlers, one wicket keeper and one all rounder. Check the forms and past performance of the players carefully and use your instinct for selecting the players. A player may not be in a good form but might have an excellent record against that particular opposition. So you need to be very cautious in section procedure.

There are various online portals available for fantasy cricket daily and you can choose from the best. Sign up with your username and password and some portals also allows to log in with your facebook or twitter id.

After login, you need to create the best XI players with a captain and a Vice Captain. These two players earn twice and 1.5 times more points for you than the other players, so select them from the best of the lot.

After selecting the team, you can play as the tournament begins. Earn points as per the performance of the selected players and whichever team wins or loses; you can still win if your selected players have performed well.

The best part of the fantasy cricket daily game is that you can choose players from both the team.

Precautions while Playing Fantasy Cricket Daily

The process and the steps with rules might be easy to look to play Fantasy Cricket Daily, but it needs a good amount of knowledge and skills to perform in the game.

  • The budget for selecting players: – Picking the best team within the fixed budget is one of the skills that are required. You will not get unlimited or big budget even if you pay to select the best and high performing players. Every member gets the same budget to choose
  • Player’s type: – Three batsmen, three bowlers, one wicket keeper and one all rounder is must select, you can choose any other players for the remaining 3 empty slots.

Non-playing Player: – This is the most critical part of the game. Any chosen player of your squad if not selected in the original team then you will not earn points for that part. So you need to be very much updated about the team selection news and others.

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