Importance of Getting Marriage Registered


Marriages have always been considered as the knot of souls. People may think rituals and customs should hold the most prior position but in today’s world with increasing complexities, it is necessary to have your marriage registered. Marriage registration is required to prove that your marriage is legal. Online Marriage Registration can solve many legal issues as it has its own legal value. For further convenience, online marriage registration can also be done.

Marriage registration is very important for the evidential aspect of marriage. Registration has been made compulsory in order to protect the interest and rights of women. If the marriage is registered then the husband cannot deny giving maintenance to his wife even after their separation. It helps the widow to claim her rights and privileges.  It also helps in curbing polygamy and bigamy. A young couple can be asked to prove their marriage in case they want to rent a house then this document can solve the purpose.

Supreme court has made the registration of marriage compulsory for all irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion. The court marriage certificate contains the date, place and time of marriage. Marriage registration certificate can be used as one of the legal documents and it can solve legal problems easily.

  •  It can be applied for passports. For the making of passports if you don’t have a registered marriage certificate then you might face difficulties.
  • For opening bank accounts this document can be presented along with other required documents.
  • It is required for the insurance policies in order to make your partner the nominee of all your policies.

Thus in today’s changing world, it is better to make your marriage legal as the marriage certificate issued by the court is the evidence of the bond that you share with your partner. If you are seeking a Court marriage lawyer in Delhi NCR then please do visit They make the process even faster.

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