How to prepare for IAS without coaching.

prepare for IAS without coaching

how to prepare for IAS without coaching

Can Ias exam be successful without coaching? You have asked and heard this question mostly through candidates and media. Here in this article, we have tried to understand this topic by different answers of various toppers and experienced candidates, depending on whether all of them took coaching help or not.

Can I pass the IAS exam without coaching classes?

The answer is yes, you can pass. But it all depends on the individual/candidate’s ability to study. If you take a look at the previous results of UPSC, you will find that there are many examples of candidates who succeeded in the IAS exam without any coaching and fulfilled their dreams without any special financial cost and without waking up overnight.

Is coaching wrong?

No, unless your institution is misleading you. On examining the candidates who have qualified in the IAS exam, we can also see that they had prepared for this exam without coaching and coaching. And some people even quit the job to prepare for this exam, and some people have passed this exam at the right time even while working.

Do I need a coach?

If we take the example of a talented cricketer, then we can understand that he has the talent to play better. But still, why do they take training/coaching under many coaches?

Now if we understand this question in another way, if we were all able to read our books on our own at the time of our school/college “then what was the need for us to go to school”?

If e think of achieving success without a coach and mentor, then there are of course many examples that have achieved unparalleled success without a guru, as did Eklavya in the Mahabharata. Although this example is very old, but many examples will also be found from the modern world, who have achieved excellent achievement and place by working themselves.

There is also no doubt that the clear knowledge provided under good guidance helps the students to achieve success. Note that by saying this we do not mean that you have to attend coaching institutes to be successful in IAS exam. For example, since you are already a graduate, apart from optional subjects, no special study is required for the questions asked on other subjects in the exam. But it also depends on that you have studied the elective subject you have chosen at your graduation, and if that subject is new to you then you need guidance to develop the necessary understanding in that subject.

Apart from this, there are other reasons which we should understand. For example like:

  • Can you complete the vast syllabus of this exam in limited and appropriate time?
  • You don’t know where to start and what to study?
  • Which books and magazines should be selected for UPSC exam preparation?

What are the characteristics of a good coach?

here are some major mandatory requirements for UPSC exams like:

  • Correct guidance (preparation strategies and tips)
  • Thematic knowledge (study material and notes)

A good coach or a good coaching institute should be able to provide both these essentials. If you are not getting guidance from the coaching institute with relevant and latest strategies, even after spending thousands of millions of rupees there, in coaching classes There is no point in participating. Occasionally, you may have seen students who fail to pass the UPSC exam due to being misled by coaching classes.

Some facts about coaching classes

Keep in mind that not all coaching institutes are bad, and there are many good coaching institutes that value not the funds of the candidates but efforts to fulfill their goals and provide quality education. Therefore, not only join the high reputation of the coaching institutes by joining them, but take decisions only by understanding the actual results given by them and their historical background.

As we understand that coaching class is only a medium to provide you guidance and knowledge. But apart from this, availability of online study materials and information is also considered as another option. We also do not mean that all of you should start searching this website for preparation. And even if you do this, of course you can, and we hope that it will not cause any harm but it will be beneficial for you.

In addition to our website, there are many other good online coaching websites which are considered valuable and useful by the community of IAS candidates, and which you can trust. Now it would not be unfair to say that a good online IAS website provide many free services compared to many coaching centers, for which coaching centers charge you millions of rupees for their guidance.

When do you need civil service exam coaching?

  • If you are completely ignorant about UPSC syllabus, latest pattern, IAS books and cannot prepare a strategy for yourself.
  • If you have less time (2 or 3 months before the exam), then you need a crash course.
  • If you are a person who does not feel confident in living alone or preparing.
  • If you want to take the Civil Services Main Examination and you have very little knowledge in the optional subject you have selected, and there is lack of precise strategy for it.

Take help of all good websites that provide IAS study material and guidance. In addition, you can get all the books required for the Indian Administrative Service, taking advantage of the convenience of free shipping and cash on delivery. And if you cannot gather all these, then you should join a good coaching institute.

When do you not need civil service exam coaching?

  • When you are fully confident that you can crack this exam with your own hard work and understanding.
  • When you are confident that you understand UPSC pattern well and can strategically study accordingly, the need for coaching institutes becomes minimal.
  • If you are a candidate studying in one of the top institutes like JNU or IIT in India and you already have appropriate knowledge about various subjects.
  • If you have already tried this exam with a coaching. (That is, you already know the pattern, necessary books and syllabus and once again you feel bored when you give classes time).
  • If you are a serious analyst of questions and exam related activities in the last year.

As we can see, the Union Public Service Commission has made several important efforts to reduce the impact of IAS coaching and spoon feeding. This includes making changes to the new exam pattern without traditional questions and incorporating those questions that require analytical understanding, as well as an IAS selection process where coaching institutes cannot help with more or more rote learning.

Conclusion: A civil service candidate can pass the IAS exam without coaching.

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