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Court Marriage Procedure
Court Marriage Procedure in Delhi

Paying much heed to the institution of marriage, the government of India has come up with the idea of online marriage certificates for the netizen of India. India witnessing more ‘Digital India’ concept with such phenomenal move by the Government.

With the respect to the Universal Adult Franchise as laid down meticulously by the Constitution of India, Court marriage procedure in Delhi has neatly laid the involvement of both the bride and the groom. Where both of them are needed to register their event of marriage at the additional divisional magistrate in their jurisdiction with age proof, address proof, photograph, and any other documents as accepted and asked by the office of additional divisional magistrate office. A copy of marriage invitation is also needed to attach with the application while registering for the event. The entire process can also be completed online. The benefit being a 10 digit number is allotted to the user for the registration purpose, the user can track the status of the same online.

This online facility of registration does free up the time of unnecessary movement for follow-ups and accordingly a person schedule the final registration with concerned authority depending upon the status of the registration form online. Also, online marriage certificates can be obtained from the website. As contrary to the standard Court marriage procedure in Delhi the idea of online procedure of registration is now becoming more convenient for the people.

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