Fantasy Cricket Bringing the New Era of Enjoying Cricket Online

Since the inception of the internet, the mode of entertainment has taken a huge leap from television to online gaming. Due to the huge popularity of cricket, Fantasy cricket has also become a most favorite online gaming option.

In India, there are only two things which keep us stick to the chairs, first the Bollywood masala movies and secondly the high-octane cricket matches. It is like empty road and crowds less street situation whenever India is playing. So to add to the craziness there is the fantasy cricket an online cricket gaming option.

How it works

Fantasy cricket is a highly active online gaming option which gives the cricket lovers to enjoy the game even when there is no match scheduled. Here every individual needs to create their own fictional cricket team of the real life players and the rewards are won as per the performance of the selected players.

How to Select Team

Fantasy Cricket gives the chance to every individual to select their own dream team of the best XI. There will be not a single cricket loving person who didn’t wish to sit on the selection committee of the BCCI and after the match, we all discuss the same. So stop discussing and start selecting for your dream team and check how well your speculation can work.

In real, we always blame the selector’s about the team selection, but here there will be no one to point a figure at you but you need to select the players very carefully as you will be the charge of the whole team. The performance of your dream team will depend on the performance of the real-time players on the field. So choose the best.

Restrictions of Choosing

There are no restrictions that you need to choose from one team only. India may be the favourite team but you can also add other dream bowlers like Stark, Tim Southee etc or other start batsmen the from a different team. That is the best benefit of the fantasy cricket. Select the best XI from any of the international team and create your dream team.

Rules of the Game

So strict or hard bounded rules are there, it is very easy to play and the rules are very clearly mentioned in the portal. Playing fantasy cricket is a child’s play with very simple steps but need an expert mind of a cricket lover.

Usually, you have to select five batsmen, four bowlers, one all rounder and a wicket keeper. Selection of wicketkeeper and all-rounder is the trickiest part, you need to check the statistics carefully and select a wicket keeper who is best in the role and can also bat and an all-rounder like Kapil Dev or Jaques Kallis (For e.g. they both are retired now) who can turn the match with both their batting and balling skills.

The result of Fantasy Cricket will be declared after the completion of the match and the points will fluctuate as per the actual in-field performance of the selected players.

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