Boom Barriers

Boom Barriers are the most common type of entrance control devices when we talk about restricting movement of vehicles in any premises. As the name suggests, the Parking Boom barrier is generally installed in parking lots of shopping centres , office buildings as well as multi level parking lots. It’s implementation ensure that no vehicle makes and invalid entry as well as exit minimizing the possibility of theft. Secondly, when this security barrier  gate is paired with the UHF long distance readers, it makes an ideal fool proof mechanism working in unison – without human interventions in the entry or exit of vehicles. Such combination allows only those vehicles to pass which bear the RFID tag on their windscreen and are registered in the software database.

In case, the management needs to take this affair to the next level- the users may also be made to register their thumb impression in the software database using bio-metric devices to ensure that only the authorised person is driving that vehicle into the premises. Boom barrier price have become quite affordable when Indian manufacturer companies like Hom Automation Pvt. Ltd. are ready to give away a 6 meter length boom barrier only for Rs.28,000/-, Whereas there are various local as well as international brands with boom gate price bracket ranging from 50,000/-  upto Rs.1.10,000/-.

Based on the type of support desired by the user, they may make their selection wisely- as the Indian products are serviceable with an ease of availability of spare parts. Whereas, there is no certainty in case of imported products. Taking into account the boom barrier cost, these security barriers and gates are the most cost efficient option preferred by majority of people in the urbanised world.

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