Advantages Of Fantasy Cricket League Online

Fantasy cricket league online is a unique platform where you can play the real-time cricket with genuine players, and earn cash prizes. But all you need is to select a competent cricket team.

There are some online portals available which conduct some national and international level cricket and football matches. More than 90% Indian citizens watch every cricket league and support their own team. If their team loses the match then they will start shouting on their cricketers instantly. Now the time has come to play the match with your own team. When your favorite team loses the match, you people always serve your expert command on various players. So now you can design your own team by your skill and knowledge. Through this fantasy cricket league online, you can easily pick the best players for your team and there is also no hidden rule for selecting the players. Only you have to utilize your limited credit score for choosing the players and you need to select a combination of real time cricket team with three batsmen, three bowlers, one all rounder and one wicket keeper in your team.

Why the fantasy cricket league online is considered to be a real-time cricket match?

  • Fantasy cricket league online is just like real-time cricket matches because you will find all real players and real cricket leagues on these portals.
  • Apart from that, you have to incorporate with every cricket norms for playing the game. You need to design your team with bowlers, batsmen, all-rounder and wicket keepers. Also, you are not allowed to choose more than seven players from a single team.
  • You have to select a captain and vice caption for your team. Your captain will earn two times points and vice-captain will get 105 times points for playing the game.
  • On the real cricket games, the board, and the authority structure their own team, but before the game starts, the captain and coach can change their players. In this fantasy cricket league online, you can also change the players as per your requirement, but you have to do this before the cutoff time of the match.
  • This is not gambling and you cannot allow anything exceeding your budget. Here all teams are playing a game and people can easily find full transparency. You can select the team and play the game within a restricted budget only.

How do you calculate your earnings from fantasy cricket league online?

You can find your own news feed after opening your account on these platforms. You can easily see the earning, team ranking, and the earning of the players and ranking and other team details. So here you can also change your team players as per the needs, and make your new team with several competent players.

Payment can be withdrawn at anytime and you need to put your PAN number on your payment request form and get your payment in your bank account or e-wallet.

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