A Taco Birthday Cake? That’s Unique

First we need to know what taco is. A taco is a traditional dish of Mexico food made of corn or wheat. The base is made up of wheat or corn and the stuffing inside consists of the basil leaves cheese etc. When enjoyed with ketchup and mustard souse.

Well that’s enough of taco but have you ever heard of taco cake. That is something that you have never heard of. You might have heard of the dumplings cake, but taco seriously!  Well its true people were earlier celebrating the taco Tuesday and now taco cake.

Matt Overton has made this thing possible to create a cake that consists of less calories and healthy. The sweetness of the cake consists of the extra calories that is not at all good for health. This cake is made up of the components that are heavy stuff but the calories are really less in it. So, the health conscious people or the people go to gym its good news for them.

This cake was made for Matt Overton’s 3oth birthday party and now one can enjoy the low calorie birthday cake with the traditional touch in it.

Recently Matt Overton celebrated his 31th birthday and you can guess what can be there in his cake. More tacos, crunch wraps, and burritos. This time he twitted the photograph and dam. It got huge response. It’s now been two years that he is celebrating his birthday with special taco the traditional cake in his own way. Which is of less calories and great taste.

So anyone around interested in body building and making a birthday in traditional way can really enjoy this cake. What all will be the benefits:

  Traditional touch to the birthday

•  A different form of celebration

  Taste is different from the normal sweet cream cakes

  Low calories consumption making one healthy

  Benefited for fat people

•  Even the gym going people can enjoy it in birthdays without losing diet chart.

So don’t wait join the taco cake squad. Celebrate the birthday with a traditional dish in a unique way possible. And Tweet out the photograph and the exposure of different birthday celebration. Learning something good and healthy is always appreciated. So celebrate enjoy and have lot’s and lots of taco cakes. Learn the way from Partsharty Birthday party Organisers in Delhi and design the cake in your own way.

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